Welcome to the world of my Tiny Tunes…

These little songs are what I would call self-help-songs.

In a world where I dont always feel at home, I created (or recieved) them as a way to connect with people.

The lyrics are simple, the music easy-structured and the melodies gentle.

I very much like to perform my Tiny Tunes for any audience who like to listen, connect and share an experience of togetherness.

Who am I ?

My name is Boye and I´m a multicultural singer/songwriter with roots in germany and a strong connection to both scandinavia and latinamerica.

I play both acoustic and electric ukulele and sing my tiny tunes which came to life mainly during a personal period of change in 2017, where I resigned from my job as a music fascillitator (musikhandledare) in Gothenburg after 14 years of working with children.

Tiny Tunes

This big change in my everyday life, made me wonder what it´s all about… so much, that after only a week or so songideas started to appear every day as I woke up.

During the next 1 month and a half I had the fantastic experience of creating about 50-60 tunes more or less finished, which I since then have tried to learn and perform.

The major part has lyrics based on the search for meaning in or of life 🙂

Where do we all come from? and what is our porpose in this life?

Where do we all come from? and what is our porpose in this life?

It is to rise and live our dreams awake.

It is to shine and give before we take.

It is to find what´s deep inside our soul…

…and then to share our gifts with other souls

…and then to share our gifts with other souls…

Lyrics from „Where do we come from“, a tiny tune by Boye Strothmann

As you can see the lyrics are very short… that´s the case for many, but not all, of my tiny tunes, which makes them easy-learnable for the audience when I play… (in case the feel like singing…) a good way of connecting…

One thing I´d like to add, so I don´t get misunderstood, is that almost all songs are not only made by me but also for me. They are not made to tell anyone how to live, but kind suggestions mostly aimed at my own inner soul that for shure needs som healing/inspiration some times… 🙂

But then of course I´m happy if they can be of inspiration or even help for others too… 🙂

Where do I play?

Anywhere you like me to… 🙂


A part from playing my tiny tunes I also like to play drums on blues-jam-session, congas in salsa-bands or join my musical friends at their jazz-concerts with my bongoes when it comes to music.

As a former educator I am very much interested in methodology and since I do not teach anymore I put this interest into a form of two music-teaching concepts you can check out on:



Non-music-related interests/hobbies of mine are: walks in nature, a bit of filming/photo, painting/drawing, travelling and just being 🙂

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